Graduate into the Real World


Too many women defeat themselves with common dating mistakes. The relationship you want or sex you desire looks to be attainable with the cute guy in front of you, but then you make a careless error. Sometimes you must actually do work to seduce a man or get his attention but there will be times […]


Guest post by Nicola Sanders Dating again after being a long relationship when you have children can be very difficult and not just for you but the children also. Many children want their parents to get back together no matter how unrealistic this may be. These feelings should not be underestimated as they can affect […]


Telling the man of your dreams that you love him is a big step. The L word carries a lot of weight, because you’re essentially telling him that he’s the most important person in your life. Taking this step can be scary, as it brings up a host of complicated questions that involve both you […]


Men, Valentine’s Day is upon us again, rapidly approaching with its death knell ringing in the February wind. We all know this day is special to the women in our lives, even if we don’t understand why. We say, “I love you”; we pay for dinner; we even sit through Pride and Prejudice, what more […]


Gentlemen, listen up: if you’re searching for a sweetie, put down your weights and find a pair of sexy glasses (whether you need them or not). According to a recent survey, most females prefer bespectacled gents that don’t waste a lot of time on their appearance. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s a […]