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How to Tell Him You Love Him

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February 17, 2011

in Relationships

Telling the man of your dreams that you love him is a big step. The L word carries a lot of weight, because you’re essentially telling him that he’s the most important person in your life. Taking this step can be scary, as it brings up a host of complicated questions that involve both you and your partner. The first question is, of course, will he say he loves you too?

When a woman tells a man she loves him, she wants to hear that he loves her back right away. Any hesitation from the man can create negative feelings and make for an incredibly awkward moment in the relationship. Lack of reciprocation makes the woman feel slighted, and perhaps the man will feel as though he’s being pressured to take a step that he’s not yet ready to take.

When you’re sure you’re in love, use your common sense to gauge whether or not he feels the same way about you. This should be easy, as most women can tell when a guy is into them, and also how much he’s into them. If the man in question doesn’t seem to have those feelings for you, you can still tell him you love him, but don’t set yourself up for an emotional fall by expecting him to say it back. Some women are okay with showing their emotions and moving on, content in the knowledge that their loved one knows that he is loved.

If this person is a friend and you’re afraid you might ruin the friendship by telling him you love him, decide which is more important to you – the friendship, or the chance to take it to the next level. Sometimes it’s worth it. Some of the most loving romantic relationships are created by people who have been good friends first. But if he is not showing any signs at all that he feels the same way, you might want to reconsider – something like that can certainly cripple a friendship. Then again, you’ll never get anywhere without taking a chance.

If you’re pretty sure he feels the same, there are plenty of ways to tell him you love him. Pick an intimate moment, like a romantic embrace, and then simply express yourself honestly by saying, “I love you.” Hopefully he’ll say it back and the two of you will live happily ever after. If you happen to misjudge the emotions of your man and it turns out he isn’t as into you as you thought he was, don’t feel bad – at least you tried. Don’t let one or two rejections turn you into a person whose emotions are totally closed off, because then you’ll never take another chance on love.

The most important thing to remember is that telling someone you love them is nowhere near as important as showing them you love them. You can show your man you love him by being kind, honest, and supportive.

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  • Jennifer

    he is in high school and 15 im in the 8th grade in middle school. is he to old for me. i cant tell if he likes me or not. i have an idea on how to tell him i love him, but it involved a pack of heart shaped candies with words on them. i will have to wait till valentines day. i will just give him one that saise i love you on it or be mine.

  • Elizeah

    Im in 7th grade and he is also in 7th grade. I am madly inlove with him but don’t know how to tell him.Im so nervous but I want to tell him.

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