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Is It Time to Rejuvenate Your Job Search?

November 28, 2011

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Whether you find yourself unable to find work fresh out of college or in a job but looking for something more fulfilling, how you go about your job search will play a major role in whether or not you end up finding success.

For many people in one of the above-mentioned situations, they quickly discover that searching for a job is a job in and of itself.

While there is no precise manual as to how best go about locating that first or career-changing job, there are pointers you can take that will point you in the right direction to tracking down the position you want, especially if you’ve found yourself falling behind as of late.

Among them are:

  • Would I let my mother read my resume? While everyone thinks their resume is the cream of the crop, keep in mind that companies receive countless resumes each day, so you’re battling many other people for the same jobs. That being the case is your resume up to snuff to the point you’d let those closest to you read it? It is important to get unbiased opinions on your resume so that those closest to you don’t sugar coat it.
  • How much time and effort have I been giving the job hunt? For many individuals, the job hunt comes and goes, depending oftentimes in how dire their situation may be. For those out of work looking for a job, they may throw in the towel at some point, while those in jobs but looking for something else may become lax when they figure they already have a job, so what’s the rush to get a different one? Still yet, those fresh out of college may become dismayed by the job hunt and go back to school for a higher degree. Make sure in any situation that you apply the necessary time and effort to the job hunt, leaving no stone unturned.
  • Don’t be deterred by no response – Put yourself in the shoes of the employer, specifically their HR staff or department head who is asked to review countless resumes, interview a number of candidates, and oftentimes re-interview, then make a final decision on the new hire. The process can be equally challenging for the individuals doing the hiring and interviewing as it can be for the applicant. Oftentimes you will not get a response, so either be prepared to move on or follow up in an appropriate manner.
  • Make sure you are covering all your bases – Your job search will undoubtedly involve time and effort, something some people don’t want to devote all that much time to. If you’re job hunting and you’ve hit a rut, review where you looked, when you looked and why you thought those were the areas to go to in the first place. Many companies today use online outlets exclusively to advertise their jobs, some still use traditional print methods, and others use job fairs, career expos etc. A good idea is to pull potential jobs from all three categories.
  • Think outside the box – All too often, individuals want to stay in their comfort zones when it comes to looking for work. Yes, you’re more likely to find a job in your field of expertise, but that doesn’t mean you cannot find work elsewhere. Just because one door closes, doesn’t mean another one won’t open up.
  • Take a breather every now and then – As noted earlier, looking for a new job can be a job in itself. You are more likely to burn out if you go at it 24/7 with few or any breaks in between. Set aside times of the day to specifically job hunt, then stop and continue the next day. If you set realistic goals for yourself, you are less likely to be disappointed. Trying to cram 25 hours of job hunting into a 24-hour day is a certain recipe for disaster.

As more and more people continue to look for jobs now and heading into 2012, it is necessary you leave no stone unturned, while making sure that your job search does not overwhelm you to the point where you throw in the towel.


Dave Thomas, who covers among other subjects’ background checks, writes extensively for, an online resource destination for businesses of all sizes to research, find, and compare the products and services they need to run their businesses.




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