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What is Coaching?

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“You cannot teach a man anything.
You can only help him discover within himself.”

What is coaching?

The term “coaching” has been thrown around lately and you’re probably wondering what the heck is it. Good for you! Coaching is when you have someone who is partnering with you to help you reach the goals that are important to you. A coach will listen to what you want, hold you accountable to getting it, cheer you on and celebrate with you when you get it.

Contrary to popular belief:

  • A coach does not tell you what to do.
  • A coach does not give you advice.
  • A coach does not fix you because we know there is nothing broken. We are all on our own unique journey.

Coaching sometimes gets confused with other stellar helping professions out there such as…
Sports coaching–helping you perform your best at a sport and focused on you winning.
Psychotherapy–tends to be focused on the past and works on fixing what happened way back then so you can move forward in the present.
Friends & Family–usually tell you what you should or shouldn’t do and have their own ideas of what is best for you.

Coaches are solution focused and work with where you are right this very second and propel you forward towards your goal.  Along the way, your fears will surface and obstacles will arise, but a coach will help you face your fear. A coach will help you overcome those temporary speed bumps and stretch you to breakthrough whatever is holding you back from getting what you want.

Who Benefits from Coaching?
Coaching at Twentity
Free 60-Minute Coaching Session